Perfectly positioned between the worlds of business and culture, Manifesto acts as a consulting agency, a cultural entrepreneur and a cultural producer.

Working alongside companies and public bodies, and in close collaboration with artists, we design, manage and produce cultural projects with a strong creative and societal impact.

Cultural strategy

We advise companies on how to develop a cultural strategy that inspires, unites and has a significant impact on their surroundings.

  • Creation or redevelopment plan of cultural and touristic venues, including architectural programming
  • Creation and implementation of cultural programs by mobilizing our creative network (e.g. commissions, residencies, grants)
  • Cultural branding and marketing in partnership with La Boite, a Tokyo-based creative studio: curated moments, architectural spaces, design identities
  • Search for innovative financing (e.g. endowment funds) and fundraising with Equanity

Cultural Urban Planning

We contribute to local transformations by including artistic and cultural stakeholders in urban planning projects and by developing quality creative programs that are tailored to each unique situation.

  • Assistance with the transformation of architectural heritage
  • Creation and implementation of cultural projects, in collaboration with architects/ developers/ planners, during all phases of urban projects
  • Search for artists, partners and/or cultural operators
  • Management and programming of artist incubators, on a temporary or long-term basis, in connection with the surroundings

Artistic production

We work on behalf of our clients to oversee the commission and creation of original and high-impact artwork.

  • Artistic direction and coordination of artistic commissions: choosing the artist, managing production, creating tools for engagement
  • Executive production of artwork on behalf of artists/designers
  • Design and implementation of artistic events for brands in partnership with La Boite, a Tokyo-based creative studio: commissioning content, designing spaces, managing production
  • Provision of a training program with the Centre Pompidou on artistic commissions in the built environment

Museums and heritage

We advise museums and heritage sites on their development, enabling them to become vibrant cultural venues in keeping with their surroundings.

  • Architectural programming and interpretive planning
  • Strategic and operational consulting: programs, target audiences, governance, teams, business models, resources, coordination of public/private partnerships, etc.
  • Assistance in choosing architects and designers
  • Policies to ensure a dynamic local presence, pre-launch strategies and artistic activation