Our international subsidiary Manifesto Expo organizes the production and touring of exhibitions that showcase significant artistic or cultural heritage. Manifesto Expo is a collaborating member of XPO Federation of Exhibition Creators.
  • Negotiations and logistical organization of touring exhibitions in France and internationally
  • Curating exhibitions for museums, companies and private collections
  • International development and influence strategies for cultural institutions

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Alexandre Colliex, Manifesto’s International Director, is the Associate Executive Director of the subsidiary company.

He has previously held the positions of Delegate for International Development at the Center Pompidou, Director of Development of the Giacometti Foundation and Director of the CTF Art Museum Project in Hong Kong. In this context, he negotiated and organized the travelling of leading exhibitions in public and private cultural institutions on all continents: in London, Milan, Basel, Moscow, Martigny, Rabat, Doha, Dharan, Istanbul, Shanghai , Tokyo, Fukuoka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Seattle, Milwaukee, Toronto, Nashville, Rio or Belo Horizonte…

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