Masterclass art and the city

How can one turn artistic interventions in urban space into a lever for sustainable value creation?


In a time when art and culture play an increasingly important role in the making of the modern city, the Centre Pompidou Masterclasses and Manifesto have joined together to develop a tailored training program on artistic commissions in the built environment.

Blending workshops and conferences with debates led by industry experts, this innovative masterclass explores the subject of art in the urban space from a historical, technical, cultural and political point of view over the span of two days. Intended for city makers, this conceptual and operational toolbox aims at assisting them in the designing and implementation of their artistic project.

The program is hosted in an exceptional setting worthy of the ambition to foster new representations and practices: the art installation 3-8 designed by architect Leopold Banchini and located right inside the Centre Pompidou Museum.



Supporting a project of artistic commission (whether temporary or permanent) incorporated into the built environment and the city.

  • Exploring the different types of artistic commissions and contributions and understanding the artist and his/her relationship with the urban environment.
  • Questioning the role of users, inhabitants and the public.
  • Understanding a successful project’s step by step, its implementation and follow-up.



  • Real estate developers and investors
  • Social housing owners
  • Architects, urban planners
  • Public developers
  • Public/private companies with built heritage (production sites, premises open to the public, offices, etc.)


Two days of inspiration and experimentation led by the Manifesto and Ecole Pro teams, that will include meetings with experts and artists to enable every participant to address these questions and to develop his/her own tools.


Speakers (session #1)

  • Alain Sinou, Urban planning teacher at University Paris 8
  • Elisa Hervelin, Speaker at the Centre Pompidou
  • Christian Ruby, Philosopher and Board Member of the FRAC Centre
  • Arthur Toscan du Plantier, Head of Strategy at Emerige and President of Club 1 Immeuble, 1 Oeuvre
  • Bertrand Julien-Laferrière, collector, real estate developer
  • Nathalie Brevet and Hughes Rochette, artists
  • Agnès Tricoire, Lawyer specializing in intellectual property and construction law
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Becherand, Head of the architecture, culture and design departement at Société du Grand Paris


In-person course at the Centre Pompidou Paris.

Session #2: 22 & 23 June 2020

Masterclasses costs: 2 400€ before tax / participant

  • EARLYBIRD: -20% until 15 May 2020

Intra-company session available on request.

The organizers have the right to postpone or cancel the masterclasses if the number of participants is considered pedagogically insufficient.



Faustine Robin :, 0033 (1) 85 09 04 52

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  • "Expectations very well met. Perfect mentoring. Worth repeating." Real estate Consultant
  • "Many thanks for this thrilling quality training program." Territorial strategy Chief Executive for a public territorial establishment
  • "Very inspiring." Architect
  • "Very interesting, lively and a successful balance between theory & practice." Communication Officer for a social housing landlord
  • "Very interesting interventions allowing for broader horizons." Urban planning Director for a local public enterprise
  • "Rich and comprehensive training program. Significant knowledge enhancement." Communication Officer for a cinema operator