Manifesto wishes a warm welcome to the new residents of l’Orfèvrerie !

The temporary occupation project in the former Christofle factories in Saint-Denis has now a name : l’Orfèvrerie.
Discover below names of artists and creators selected by Manifesto, with Quartus, moving in this very special and unique residency.
Soukmachines is coordinating a soon arrival of new comers, stay tuned…

Temporary occupation of Christofle former industries in Saint-Denis (93)
Quartus and Manifesto drive the transformation of an industrial territory into a cultural and creative space 

From October 2018 to the end of August 2019 and before the works’ starting date, Christofle former factories become a temporary residency that is genuinely rooted in Saint-Denis territory.

Amongst selected applications, there are emerging and confirmed artists like (Neïl Beloufa, Lek&Sowat, Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, David Douard, Ibai Hernandorena, Laura Sellies&Amélie Giacomini…), architects and designers (Déborah Janssens, Standards sur Mesure), associations and collectives (Feÿ – Rencontres d’arts, Rotolux), a re-use industry (WOMA, PickMyWaste) and many others to discover.

More will be revealed shortly about Manifesto’s 2019 program.

© Philippe Guignard

Manifesto in the final round of the tender for “Inventing Greater Paris 2” 


Manifesto is pleased to be a part of several teams that have been selected for the final round of the tendering process for innovative urban projects organised by the Métropole du Grand Paris. The firm shows yet again that art and culture play an integral role in transforming territories.

The results will be announced in June 2019.



Interview with the artist Hector Castells-Matutano


 What do light and movement mean to you? Could you explain further the   working process you initiated?

 Light is a tool in my work. I use objects – translucent and transparent objects – as obstacles to the light. When these objects appear in front of the camera (and on the computer screen), I make them move. Suddenly they lose their form and become something abstract; a colored and moving light.

What were the first steps and your driving-force to address this artistic commission?

The most important thing for me was to understand the space in which I was about to work. I had to figure out what was missing both outdoor and inside where the trailers are displayed. My work on the outside screen had to be shorter than I first thought, monochrome, sculptural and seductive. Something like a hypnotic blow to get attention from passers-by and people in their cars. Inside the cinema, the audience is different. People are going to watch a movie and therefore, I had to construct faster, polychrome, hypnotic clips, similar to cinema trailers (with completely different subjects, of course) to get their attention.

According to you, is there something different in displaying artworks in a cinema rather than in an art gallery?

I don’t really see a difference. The important thing is to create cultural manifestations that can be shared with everyone. Some places are more successful than others…

In three words, could you tell us your manifesto?

I only have one word: will.


Manifesto Expo names Alexandre Colliex as Director

Alexandre Colliex, a former Head of international projects at the Centre Pompidou Paris, Deputy Director at the Fondation Giacometti and Director of the CTF Art Museum project in Hong Kong, is named Executive Director and Associate of Manifesto Expo.

A global carreer in service of arts institutions and projects has built Alexandre Colliex’s experience in the arts and museum field. Now part of the Manifesto Expo team, Alexandre Colliex intends to develop a genuine international expertise for the company.

“The whole team here has become the leader in France on urban cultural projetcs. With them we can bring to cultural institutions, private and public collections, an expertise that’s quite unique in this field.” says Alexandre Colliex.





Why migration is a chance for France

On 7 December, partners of the PLACE project gathered at CENTQUATRE-Paris around Charlotte Hochman, Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and Thierry Déau (CEO of Méridiam), to launch a collective call, published in Le Cercle Les Echos. This underline the migrant’s contribution to creating wealth and innovation.

PLACE is a pilot program showing migration as an opportunity for economic development and innovation. For seven months, 35 female and male migrants from all over the world were given the chance to create their entrepreneurial project. The signatories explain that “On an experimental basis and as a public-private project led by civil society, the program manages to bypass the lengthy administrative process and replace it with a faster empowering process”. 

Manifesto supports PLACE as a mentor for their labs and an artistic project that will be revealed in 2018.

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This Thursday October 18 2017, “Les Lumières Pleyel” in Saint-Denis, “LIVE” in Bagnolet and “ST O Art & Design Center” in Saint-Ouen have been selected by the “Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris” consultation. A key player in these three projects, Manifesto managed to ensure that arts and culture were crucial ingredients of the projects and it was proud to bring together its teams of partners and local players.

Laure Confavreux-Colliex and Hervé Digne, co-founders of Manifesto point out : Art and culture trigger formidable opportunities to those who want to bring about change. The results of the “Inventons la Metropole du Grand Paris” are a clear indication of the successful formula conceived by teams of dedicated people who are eager to create meaningful, inclusive and exciting projects for the communities involved. Manifesto is pleased to be part of those projects and to have set down for each project the guidelines of a made-to-measure arts and culture approach and to have also defined the framework of virtuous management. Those results are a strong sign of strong support to the arts in the Grand Paris.

The Lumières Pleyel, the cultural epicenter of the Grand Paris metropolis

The Lumières Pleyel project led by the Sogelym Dixence group will offer the Plaine Commune community a Manifesto-inspired and genuinely innovative and multi-use platform that will resonate with the latest artistic trends. The facilities Manifesto has imagined, focusing on their users rather than a single owner, are hybrid and versatile as never before on such a scale.

In order to invent an urban district that is truly alive, creative and citizen-friendly, Lumieres Pleyel have come up with an entirely new concept of urban life and we called it “district dissemination” as the programs will be reaching out every corner of the district.

Such an ambitious approach called for solid groundwork of co-invention that was led by Manifesto with a formidable group of partners that included Approches !, Centquatre-Paris and its 104factory incubator, National School of images, Louis Lumière, L’Ecran, Glaz’art, Lamyne M., Etoile Cinémas, Les 3 Saisons de la PLaine, IEPC, Le Pôle S, IRI and the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris-Nord, Labex Arts-H2H, etc. All in all, more than 50 cultural and academic partners, institutions as well as artists.

A specific company is to be launched, the Lumières Pleyel company which will operate as the provider of augmented urban services. It will boast an international scientific committee, a steering committee and dedicated endowment. This generous approach will strive to share resources, trigger collaborative projects as well as skills and knowledge transfers.

Lumieres Pleyel-02_BD

©Les Lumières Pleyel / Sogelym Dixence – Snøhetta – Baumschlager Eberle Architekten – Chaix & Morel et Associés – Ateliers 2/3/4/ – Mars architectes – Maud Caubet Architectes – Moreau Kusunoki

LIVE, a new beacon for digital, social and cultural innovation

LIVE project has been the team work of Maud Caubet architects, Manifesto, Hall couture and Vinci Real Estate. With its communicating facades, it will be a new benchmark of digital, social and cultural innovation on the outskirts of Paris. Conceived as a powerful metropolitan beacon at the city entrance of Bagnolet-Montreuil, this mixed-use program dedicated to connected textiles will bring a surge of innovation to the community thanks to its local grounding and its inviting operating concept.

Manifesto has brought its expertise to identify local partners and achieve the successful grounding of the project. We will remain deeply involved in the project as manager of its cultural dimension within the winning team and to organize the preview events. lIve CREDITS X2


St O Art & Design Center, a creative and collaborative power plant

Social Media St O 1A new spot for arts and design at the heart of the Saint Ouen flea market in Paris, the St O Art and Design center is a project led by Novaxia and Wilmotte architect studio. A collaborative approach to culture is the trademark of its innovation strategy. The project has been selected by “Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris” (Let’s invent the Greater Paris metropolis) masterplan and will turn an iconic albeit confusing urban landmark into a meeting place and magnet of creative energies.

The cultural manager of the project, Manifesto has conceived a programming which allows the site users – junk peddlers, neighbors, students, buyers and visitors – as well as the other stakeholders in the project, from the Co-working café, the tourist office of Plaine Commune, the National School of Fine Arts to the Carpenters Workshop gallery, to fully own the site, right from the construction phase.