Sciences Po

Paris | 2019-2021

Sciences Po appointed a team comprising Sogelym Dixence, Wilmotte & Associés, Moreau Kusunoki and Pierre Bortolussi to manage the redevelopment of their Parisian campus. Working alongside architects, Manifesto will oversee the commission of artwork by Iván Argote.

Crédit Sogelym Dixence, Wilmotte & Associés Architectes, Moreau Kusunoki Architectes, RSI Studio

With its international scope and pioneering educational innovations, this project will showcase a dual heritage: the Hôtel de l’Artillerie, with its 300 years of history, and Sciences Po, which will celebrate its 150th anniversary. When it opens, the new site of the Paris campus located at 1 Saint Thomas will welcome students, professors and researchers, along with sculptures by a young Colombian artist, Iván Argote, who was chosen by a jury panel in September 2020 to provide contemporary creations for this historic setting. Working with a group of students, Argote has begun to create a series of symbolic and meaningful artwork, made up of benches and sculptures.

Iván Argote is a Colombian artist whose family is involved in trade unions and politics. He studied at the National University of Colombia and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He expresses his creativity through a wide range of media: videos, performance, computers, sculptures and paintings. He creates artwork to be displayed in the street, on public transport, in museums and in other public places. Argote’s work explores how we live together and how power and history form a part of our daily lives. With genuine joie de vivre and plenty of humour, he aims to criticise our passivity, in a spirit of non-resignation and rebellion.

Manifesto is supervising the project within the consortium responsible for the redevelopment of 1 Saint Thomas. Manifesto proposed a list of artists, based on Sciences Po’s own specifications. Two of these artists were shortlisted in January 2020 by a jury panel including Frédéric Mion, Director of Sciences Po, Laurence Bertrand-Dorléac, lecturer and member of the Prix Sciences Po for contemporary art, Clara-Lou Sinard, chair of the Arts Bureau, Christophe Condamin, CEO of Sogelym Dixence, and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, architect. These two artists presented sketches of their projects, showing what their artwork would look like in situ. The jury panel chose Iván Argote. Manifesto will be responsible for production.

SciencesPo Ivan Argote Wilmotte Manifesto
Credit Sogelym Dixence, Wilmotte & Associés Architectes, Moreau Kusunoki Architectes, RSI Studio
Ivan Argote Manifesto Sciences Po Art
Credit Thomas Arrivé, Sciences Po

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