A lab for arts and culture projects with a twist, Manifesto supports corporations who have a desire for art and assists them in building their own creative initiatives, making them unique and strategic.

Art Comissions

Manifesto comes up with innovative concepts and looks after the implementation of original art commissions for its clients. The studio assists them in selecting the artists, then we follow up with the studies, the production and the installation of the works in their environment, either public or private spaces and we also build the interpretation around it geared for the target audience.

Assistance urban projects and cultural programming

Manifesto teams up with urban developers and assists them in their response to calls and in bringing life to the site. We conceive a specific arts and culture program for the project, we identify and sustain local partnerships, we come up with temporary or permanent artistic interventions and we organize the preview and management of cultural facilities.

Strategic consulting

Manifesto provides strategic consulting to corporations and public institutions looking to create a new arts space, to reinvent an existing facility or to create an endowment. We sit down with our clients to draft the strategic guidelines and come up with new solutions and then we are there to implement change.