Manifesto is the one-stop arts and culture boutique for the corporate sector.

Strategic consultancy for art and culture projects

Manifesto assists companies in developing a unique and game-chaning cultural strategy.

  • Opening up a new cultural venue
  • Developing innovative fundraising strategies (i.e specific endowment)
  • Restructuring or revamping an existing cultural venue
Art Production

Manifesto can conceive and deliver both temporary and permanent art installations.

  • Curating of art commission: artist selection, creative dialogue with the artist, art interpretation
  • Executive production of art pieces
  • Community outreach programs for urban sites under renovation
Arts and culture management for real estate projects

Manifesto manages the programming and cultural identity of all types of real estate projects and venues.

  • Cultural project management: arts events production during the construction phase, coordination and coaching of local partners
  • Day to day management of the venue
  • Conception and management of cultural venues
Manifesto Expo

Through its dedicated branch, Manifesto is bringing its expertise to the production and touring of arts exhibitions in France and abroad.

  • Curating of exhibition projects for museums or private collections
  • Loans and contract negociations with international partners
  • Logistics and international coordination